Sand / by Luke Weisman

Thank you sand.

Thank you for showcasing your ability of energy conversion, away from each step meant to propel me forward, into your dark soul, for purposes unknown.

Thank you for your uncanny ability to find your way into my shoes, to hasten the destruction of my socks, and the formation of blisters. You're my constant reminder to take breaks, to take care of my feet. You're out to get them, I know, but prevent you I'll try.

I have to reluctantly thank you for the softness you can sometimes provide. With my tent pitched upon you at night, I sleep in relative comfort. I may have nightmares consisting of useless footsteps to nowhere, but dreams on the trail should be saved for a different thank you.

Thank you for testing my resolve on this first leg of this trip. But as I exited the desert, I thank you most of all for being behind me. Now please return to your place at the beach, I expect to see you soon enough, with an umbrellaed drink in hand, on a future tropical vacation.