Food / by Luke Weisman

My food resupply boxes are packed, addressed and ready to go! All I need to do next is start walking north, and make my way to the various towns these boxes are headed.

Below are most of the items that will be waiting for me in Idyllwild, in Box #2, and typical of what will be in all the rest of the boxes. I try to mix it up for every box, different dinner, and lunch options, a lot of little snacks, but I'm sure I'll grow tired off all these quickly, with my mind solely focused on my next "real" meal when I get into town.  

I'm one day away from hitting the road, and driving down to the Southern Terminus of the PCT, and it's difficult to explain how I feel. I'm nervous, excited, worried, and little stressed I'm forgetting something. Will I have enough water for the desert? Will this food be enough? Will I get lost? Who will I meet out there? Is my pack going to be too heavy? What's it going to be like to hitchhike? Am I going to get blisters? What's it going to be like to be alone for that long?