Resupply / by Luke Weisman

One of the challenges of planning for a thru hike like this, is figuring out your resupply strategy. Which towns to hike into, how far you want to go between them, all the correct addresses to send everything, if you plan to send yourself food, or if you plan to buy food in town. What a lot to think about! Luckily though, there are some great resources to help with this process. The main two I used are Yogi's PCT Handbook and Craig's PCT Planner, without either, I'd have been completely lost. 

The below map has my supply strategy! All red location markers are places where i'll be sending myself a box of supplies, while all the green location markers represent where I'll resupply at a store in town. If you click into each marker, in the description area is the proper way to address a package to me, as well as the approximate time I'll be arriving at that location. Hint hint... Although, if you do send me something (I recommend dark chocolate or beef jerky), you'll have to let me know, because I'll need to ask for it.