Zero Day / by Luke Weisman

Zero Day. A day in which you hike zero miles or nearly that many.

Also known as...mental health day, recuperate your body day, hitchhike day, pick up your resupply box day, check out the small town you find yourself in day, wash everything you own day, check into a motel and sleep on a real bed day, order a burger you know is going to be over cooked and enjoy it anyway day, box wine day, see a movie at the theaters that's been out for over a month already day, notice that half the other people in this tiny town are also hikers day, leave big tips day, order the local beer day, restock up on candy bars day, crank up the AC day, see what other horrible thing has happened on the news since you last turned it on day, download new podcasts day, plan the next section on the trip day, shower both at night and in the morning day, don't order the Chinese food in a small town day, walk as little as possible day, make sure you have enough fuel day, wish you girlfriend was magically in this town day day, check your email, Instagram, facebook, and whatever other social media day, steal toilet paper from the motel room day, realize that tomorrow is a back to hiking day.