I'm Luke. I'm a graphic designer. At my previous posts as the Director of Graphic Design at Poppin, and a Designer at Frog, I've built an extensive background in branding, marketing and web design. I'm interested in talking to you about your design projects, both big and small. Please feel free to reach out to me at: lukeweisman@gmail.com

Outside of the design world, I'm a dog owner, climber, backpacker, board game player, bike rider, disc golfer, miniature painter, aspiring ukulele player, avid movie goer, and cook. 

I'm addicted to podcasts, sci-fi, Spotify's Discover Weekly, and living simple. 


Walk This Way

Over the course of three months in the summer of 2016, I hiked 1,700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexico/California border to Oregon. It was an amazing experience I'll never forget, and one of the most challenging, yet simplest undertakings I've ever accomplished. During this journey, I recorded some of my thoughts, experiences, and feelings in a Journal.

Twenty Nineteen

A side project / hobby of mine is tabletop strategy games. While the rules guiding these games can be complicated, this is a fairly universal hobby. On the website twentynineteen.org I photograph all the miniature figures I've painted for these games, and also showcase and sell accessories I've created such as decks of cards, and game tokens.